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Your loved one's needs are our priority. We offer a functional assessment of Activities of Daily Living including evaluation of balance and gait. We carry out an in-depth review of your loved one's living environment and safety concerns. We determine financial resources, review legal documents as well as explore family and friend support systems. 

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Comprehensive Assessment

Support for Aging at Home Independently

Ensuring that you have a working plan to age in place we review your plans for age-related changes, arranging and monitoring in-home caregivers and Durable Medical Equipment. We coordinate downsizing, review financial, legal, and medical concerns, accompany you to healthcare or attorney appointments, providing support for homeownership and maintenance.  We will assist with bill pay and monitor fraud. We are capable of serving as Power of Attorney or healthcare agent if you are temporarily or permanently unable to make decisions.

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Living Arrangement + Relocation

Throughout the process of downsizing, moving, and relocating, we will help you select the best housing options to meet your needs while staying on budget.   We offer recommendations for appropriate referrals, travel coordination, and companionship based on our decades of experience helping

families in transition. 

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We accompany you to healthcare appointments, monitor medication, and ensure compliance with the physician’s plan of care. We will communicate with physicians and healthcare specialists on a regular basis to adjust or make any changes in your care plan.  You will have access to your own patient portal that you can share with designated family and friends to review physician’s notes and after-visit summaries. In all of this, we will help you understand the coverage of your Medicare and supplemental plans.

Medical Coordination

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Special Needs

We believe that your quality of life is an essential consideration when you are in our care. We will oversee your physical and mental wellness to ensure they are supported and can achieve the best outcomes by working closely with your physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.  Evaluating the current living arrangement including the need for adaptive devices and environmental modifications or the need to move to a different environment or care community.

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  We will support you as the caregiver in your efforts to navigate any obstacles, delegate or let go of energy-draining tasks, and acknowledge your successes. We are happy to schedule family meetings as needed.

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Caregiver Support

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Crisis Intervention

During times of crisis, we are here for you.  We will identify, assess, and intervene to reduce the stress and uncertainty of emergency room visits, hospitalization, and transition to rehab.

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Ongoing Care Management

We provide onsite monitoring for safety in the home environment or in care communities. We offer ongoing support for medical coordination and will communicate with medical professionals and families through our client portal.

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Legal + Financial Resources

We have well established, trusted relationships with elder law attorneys and financial planners. We will ensure that all essential documents are in place.  We are capable of serving as a Healthcare Agent or Power of Attorney. Your benefits will be carefully reviewed to ensure that you receive what you have paid for and earned. We help with understanding and accessing your long term care insurance.  

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A Different Kind of Care

Our care managers can relieve you of the overwhelming tasks currently on your plate and bring more peace in to your daily life. Our comprehensive care management streamlines communication between clients and all service providers including physicians, family caregivers, attorneys, and trustees. Our years of experience allow us to provide proper recommendations and evaluations of each care service and facility in your area. 


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