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Long Distance Caregiving

Knowing how to help when you don't live in the same city as your parents is a challenge. Read below to see how we were able to help one family with the medical advocacy needed.

Getting started with basic resources.

I was recently contacted by Susan and her sister Kay who were interested in our services for their mother Betty who was living in an Assisted Living. Susan and Kay asked for help with overall family support, advocacy with doctors, local resources, and financial resources because they do not live in the same city as their mom and have a hard time getting to her when there is a medical need. Although Betty is very independent they wanted someone on her care team that could attend doctor appointments, visits to the ER, and advocate for their mother in regard to her care.

An immediate need.

Shortly after beginning services, Betty experienced a fall, resulting in an arm fracture and a visit to the ER. I was able to successfully advocate for admission to an in-patient rehab stay prior to returning to Assisted Living. Most Assisted Living Facilities have a threshold for the level of care their staff can provide to their residents due to state regulations. With her extensive injuries, Betty was presented with the challenge of needing to move to a different facility because of the need for total care and assistance at the time of injury.

Boots on the ground advocacy.

During Betty’s rehab stay, she continued to experience an increase of confusion which prompted me to request that the physician take a closer look at all of her medications and diagnosis. After drawing labs, it was found that Betty’s potassium was extremely low. The physician then wrote an order for Betty to receive potassium tablets daily, and her confusion has drastically decreased as her strength and confidence have continued to return. Betty has successfully completed rehab, her medications are being managed more effectively, and Susan and Kay have the support they need. With family working full-time jobs and living numerous states away, we are able to take the task of overseeing their mother's care while remaining in constant contact with them about her status and needs.

Bailey is the team member who shared this and is an amazing care manager who can help you navigate care from afar. If we can help with a distant family member please reach out. and let us help you take the next steps. 706-756-5625

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