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Coping during a medical crisis with Mom

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

When it comes to that first medical crisis with an aging parent, it is almost always unexpected and you are often unprepared for it. There are many services to provide support during this chaotic time but how do you know where to start?

The day of the stroke

A dear friend Christy called me last month in the middle of a crisis. Her Mother had a stroke and the doctors said she could no longer live at home. Her Mother has mild dementia and she realized she simply was not safe living alone. Christy dropped everything she was doing and had driven to her Mother's home out of state to help. She was exhausted, stressed, sad, and did not know where to she called me.

Coordinating the resources

In a matter of hours I was able to find options for assisted living near her, find a mover that would go out of state, and coordinate with her doctor to complete paperwork, write prescriptions, and schedule the TB test needed for admissions to assisted living. Christy was busy choosing what furniture and clothing to bring along with coordinating an open house for her Mother's friends to say goodbye but found it hard to make plans and watch her mother at the same time. I helped her coordinate a local home care agency that could come for four hours a day to help give her support while she had so many details to manage.

A clean slate

Christy's Mother now lives in an assisted living near her and is safe, eating three meals a day, getting her medications managed, getting out of her room, and engaging in life.

Learn more about care management at and get in touch with Jeanie.

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