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How to make the most of your finances

Updated: May 20, 2022

Making a move to skilled care doesn't have to drain your life's savings (or at least that was the case for Clyde's family).

Clyde was sitting in the neurologist's office for a routine visit. He gave the doctor an update on his wife Maggie's medical condition. The doctor recommended he give Aging Care Management a call. I was able to help in more ways than one...

A family meeting

I met with Clyde, his adult children, and their spouses in his home. We reviewed Maggie's diagnosis, medications, behaviors, and mobility issues also working through the monthly budget and reviewing their legal documents. They were already utilizing in-home care and an adult day program, but Clyde was still overwhelmed and there was not enough money in the budget to do more. I referred them to a gerontologist and attended the visit with them via FaceTime. A gerontologist is a physician that specializes in medical issues for older adults.

Making the decision to move to 24/7 care

During the visit it became clear that Maggie had advanced dementia and that taking her medications or drinking enough water on hot days was becoming more challenging. That coupled with toileting and bathing challenges created an unsustainable situation. Clyde decided to pursue a room in a skilled nursing facility so that Maggie could receive 24-hour supervision and medical oversight.

After evaluating their combined income we concluded it was below the Medicaid limits so the family would not have to pay out of pocket for Maggie’s moving to the nursing home and would even be able to keep her income to help him afford to stay at home.

How we help

Caring for a spouse with dementia at home can make you angry, sad, exhausted, and overwhelmed. We walk with you through all the ups and downs, evaluate your situation, and make a plan to bring relief to your family and the best possible care for your loved one. Explore your care options and what clients (like Clyde) are saying.

Learn more about care management at and get in touch with Jeanie.

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