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A safe travel companion for a senior

Updated: Mar 3

If you need your parents to move closer to you but are not sure they are safe to travel on their own we can help. Learn about how we helped Sue.

Anxiety over safe transportation

I recently had the privilege of traveling with a retired PanAm flight attendant, Sue. She was living in an assisted living in Florida. Her son, Ron, had recently moved so he decided it was time for her to move to an assisted living closer to him. As he was planning the details of the move he realized he was going to be busy renting a Uhaul and driving her furniture to her new home but he did not have someone to travel with his mother to her new home. His wife works full time in a new job and could not take time off yet. Medical transportation was going to be $5,000 for her to travel in a cold, medical ambulance by herself. Ron was stuck and anxious and did not know who to contact.

Planning the trip with a Care Manager

Thankfully, we both were sponsoring the same Walk to End Alzheimer's and a friend of mine introduced us. He told me about his situation and I told him that he had come to the right place, Aging Care Management could help!

Over the next few days, we planned flights, hotels, and taxis. When it came time for me to fly to Florida to pick Sue up we felt confident that the trip would go smoothly. Although her Alzheimer's was at the point where she told the same story every 20 minutes, she was the sweetest travel companion. I enjoyed hearing her share with the airport staff about her history of working for PanAm and the story of how she had to lose weight between flights because she had gained 5 pounds. We arrived in Georgia and she is now happily settled in her new home and gets to visit with her favorite pet daily.

Finding a trusted resource to be a travel companion for your loved one can be stressful. Let us help you take the next steps.

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